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DUAL RDU 1.2 Display
Model RDU-1.2X2
Price: $3,100.00
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Power Input-------------------- 90-265, VAC 47-470 Hz, IEC Input connector 10w nominal
Fuse---------------------------  1 AMP
Dimensions--------------------- 19"w  x  1.75 H (1 RU ) x 10.25 deep
Weight-------------------------  4.5LBS

Operating Environment---------  32 F to 100 F, 0-95% RH NON condensing

Signal Inputs:
IRIG-B modulated code, CS-3, or MILA 10mV to 10 V P-P
10k ohm input impedance, isolated BNC connector with transformer (balanced) isolation.

CS-524x or CS-5 x 4 at 4800, 9600, or 19.2k baud. Automatic baud rate detection, RS- 422
input on twinax (BJ-77) and DB-9 female connector.

Signal Outputs:

Digital buffered output RS-422 on  DB-9 female connector. DB-9 female connector has
first motion (MLO) relay contacts. N.O. and N.C contacts are available.

Ethernet Port:------------------   A 10-100 base T port for control and status.
RS-232 Port:------------------   Either network or local RS-232 can be used for control.

Reads CS 524x, CS-5x4, CS-5, CS-3, MILA and IRIG-B

16 digit alpha numeric dot matrix display

Will read CS-524x and display either the EC (Event Count) field or the LT (launch time) field.

Both CS524x or CS- 5X4 may be displayed with decimal seconds or without.Both signals will be read with automatic baud rate detection.

Colons are displayed optionally, the display may be configured to display accumulated seconds in both CS-5 and IRIG-B display modes.

Leading zero blanking may be selected two mode are available straight left to right leading zero suppression or left to right per grouping leading zero suppression (per group is defined as days, hours, minutes, and seconds)

Text display mode displays static text message. Any text message may be entered manually, Through the R5-232 port, or
through the network port.

Up to 16 ASCII characters may be displayed. The message will be stored in EEPROM to prevent loss.

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